Small Gestures

Small Gestures,2012

Series of small and intimate assemblages I created as a gesture to four different artworks that I like, and that symbolize for me, the new environment I live in. All of them made form readymade and found materials and objects.

The Hedgehog and the Fox,2012

The Hedgehog and the Fox,2012 pot and vase 22 inch h X changing w


Gatekeepers,2012 Plastic squirrels and gold spray 10 inch high X changing w


Relief,2012 Caution safety tape Varying dimensions

Ghost, 2012

Ghost,2012 White fabric and Lobster 22 inch h x changing w

Futuristic ancient figure#1,2012

Futuristic ancient figure#1 ,2012 clay 9 inch X 4 inch X 6 inch