Dan Panorama, 2009 Paper napkins, synthetic grass, parquet, 150x65x15cm
Ghost, 2012Fabric and plastic lobster, 25 cm x 12 cm
Gatekeepers, 2012, Plastic squirrels and gold colour, 40 cm x  12 cm
The Hedgehog and the Fox, 2012Pot and Vase, Varying dimensions
Marina, 2008 Beach sandals, iron and white flags 170cm, changing width
Break Up 2012, Assemblage, found objects, 38X38cm, changing h
Basics 2015, Clay, 50 cm  x 50 cm x 17 cm h
Herzel & Frankel St. Corner, 2007 Cardboard and found objects, 200x100x70cm
#1 (Settings/Assumptions), 2017 Assemblage, Pink perspex found objects and drawings,
Nimrod, 2011Synthetic grass on a clothes rack, 110 cm x 60 cm x 19cm
My portable studio, 2014Personal studio materials and work tools, 150 cm h x changing
Beneath Giant Ficus Trees, 2009 Garbage, cardboard, plastic, nylon and fabric, 150
Relief, 2012Caution tape, Varying dimensions
Mini florentin, 2017-2018Found materials leftovers assemblage2.5 m h x  2m w
Futuristic ancient figure#1, 2012Clay, 28cm x17cm
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Suburbs, 2012Readymade Assemblage. 100cm x 60cm
Suburbs, 2012Readymade Assemblage.80cm x 60cm
Suburbs, 2012Readymade Assemblage. 90cm x 80cm
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