About my works

With strategies varying from small gestures with ready-mades to minor interventions, my work pays declarative attention to nuanced details of under-noticed objects and moments. I use peripheral, seemingly dysfunctional objects: discarded IKEA table, synthetic turf leftovers, Amazon packages, to create visual references to contemporary cultural landscapes. I explore and blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, representation and reality, transience and permanence, function and dysfunction, self-importance and irony. Looking for the drama in the non-event, I seek to excavate new meanings and references, converting the objects to testimonies of a greater order, while retaining their original concreteness. My choice of materials is prompted by the feeling that as the world is exploding with stuff, we should engage in conceptual recycling of the ready-made. But unlike the tradition of the objet trouvé, found objects serve me as natural starting points, not end results. The choice of titles – inseparable part of my work – finalizes and enhances these conversions.

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